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Turnkey Solutions - Total Control System Provider

MAS is honored to be your custom Automation Control System solution-provider. Whether it’s designing and developing a new custom automation system, or upgrading an existing production system with new hardware and software, we are happy to assist you in successfully achieving your goals.

Improving your current automated production system or developing a brand new system, we can design, develop, and install an automated solution capable of controlling your process or testing/measuring your product. From custom automated test and measurement applications including data acquisition, vision, instrumentation, and measurement devices, to process control including real-time controllers, plc’s motion, vision, pneumatics, critically timed operations, we have a track-record that speaks for itself.
Automated Process Control Applications:
  • Real-Time Controllers
  • PLC's
  • Motion
  • Vision
  • Pneumatics
  • Critically Timed Operations
Automated Test and Measurement Applications:
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Integration
  • Instrumentation
  • Measurement Devices
  • Test Execuitive

Automated Solution Examples:

Often high-tech manufacturers need a product, or family of products tested to validate its performance against its intended design. We provide that custom automated turnkey solution. MAS’ multi-disciplined engineering teams and partners use world-class, proven hardware and software tools, along with solid project management practices, and a genuine customer-focus to meet your business's custom automation needs.

Applications Include:

  • Vision Applications - automated inspection, part detection, defect detection
  • Motion Applications – automated multi-axis stepper and servo motion control; electronic gearing and camming
  • Process Control Applications – automatic sequencing of processes -– using a plc or pc to sequence pneumatics, motion, & instrumentation devices, and other controllers
  • Test and Measurement Applications – automatic execution of user-configurable test steps and procedures to disposition parts

Who We Serve:

We provide custom Automated Systems Turnkey Solutions to high-tech companies throughout the U.S. and the world - from New York to Texas, and across the globe including Thailand, China, Japan and Korea.

Whether it's upgrading a piece of legacy equipment with 21st century technology, or if it's designing and developing a machine tool, a robotic workstation, or test/measurement system for a new process that you would like to employ, you can count on MAS to provide you with the solution that will best match your system's tough requirements!

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